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The school is currently closed due to social distancing mandates by local and state officials. Tentative dates have been posted for mid-May. Be safe. 


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Student Payment

Online payments are available for your convenience. Please click the link below to make an online payment. Also, payments are accepted in person by appointment only with either a debit card or money order. We do not accept cash.

EKG Electrocardiogram Technician Course $800.00

Payment Plan Schedule
Application fee $40.00 
Other fees $190.00 
1st Payment $250.00
2nd Payment $180.00
3rd payment due $140.00

Phlebotomy Technician Course $1,200.00
Payment Plan Schedule
Application fee $40.00 
Other fees $190.00
1st Payment  $350.00
2nd Payment  $345.00
3rd payment due  $275.00

Nursing Assistant Course 
Payment Plan Schedule
Background check fee $40.00
Application fee $40.00
1st Payment $190.00
2nd Payment $180.00
3nd Payment $160.00

CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation $65.00

After the three-business day cancellation period but before commencement of classes, not more than $40.00 shall be retained by SACS. Refunds will be made within 30 days.

             Percentage of Course Completed                          Percentage of Refund

         Less than 15% completion----------------------------------------------80% refund
         Less than 25% completion----------------------------------------------70% refund
         25% or more, but less than 50% completion-------------------------45% refund
         50% or more completion--------------------------------------------------no refund